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Choosing a laptop computer that’s right for you shouldn’t be difficult. Whether for your office, your home, or simply need a laptop for everyday tasks and browsing, we offer the best range of laptops and unbeatable prices. Most of our laptops are touch screen and 2 in 1s convertible, so you can be more productive.

Our 2 in 1 laptops come packed with the features you need. From small convertible tablets and large personal gaming laptops with sleek and slim aluminum bodies with different processor types, hard drives, RAM capacities, screen resolutions, etc.
If you’re starting your laptop search, we offer a convenient and easy-to-use laptop computer buying guide that will walk you through the different options available and recommend top-rated laptops based on your plans.


We specialize in smart phones from different manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Motorola, etc. In today’s generation, mobile phones perform many of the functions of a computer with internet capabilities and other operating systems to allow users to be more productive in their personal and professional lives.


As the world of technology is ever changing, we specialize in all-in-one desktops. Find your perfect all-in-one desktop computer for a complete setup with full computing power built into a brilliant monitor screen. All our desktops are streamlined for easy set up and take up less space.


Our printers are known to be reliable, easy-to-use for both home and businesses. Whether you need a multifunction printer with Print, Scan, Copy and Fax or just Print, Scan and Copy, we have the assortment of printers including wireless functionality with all the latest technology at competitive pricing. Our printers also allow you to create high-quality color photos with our photo printers. They make printing lab-quality photos with ease.

Flat Screen TVs:

Television has come a long way since the three-inch screens of the early 20th-century. Today, high-definition displays have evolved to crisper and more colorful than ever before. At Pacific General Technology, we focus on the latest innovation inorder to bring the latest and greatest to our customers.


Just a few years ago CCTV systems consisted of a camera, television screen or monitor and a video recorder. Today’s technology allows you to equip your CCTV system with motion detectors, talking cameras and a variety of other features that protect you in the best way possible. The live images can then be viewed through the computer screen or multiple screens including smart phone by way of software. Our professional team will assist you in identifying your specific needs.


At pacific General Technology, we carry a large variety of quality accessories to help complement our product line-up. Whether you are looking for OEM accessory or simply one of the best in the market, we can help.

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